A future with sustainable electricity

Just as the sun is the source of all life, electricity is the bedrock of life in society today and the foundation of a flourishing economy. To generate electricity on a lasting and sustainable basis, we focus on renewable energy from the power of the wind and the sun. We’re also actively involved in developing pioneering, sustainable technologies. We’re shaping the future in municipal cooperations and taking responsibility for the environment in a way that makes sense.

The ALTUS AG Board

Our company is jointly run by two CEOs

Michael Winter

Michael, who has a masters degree in Business Law & Taxation, has been on the board since 2012 and has also been the authorised representative of our parent company, Kraftwerke Mainz-Wiesbaden AG, since 2015. He is responsible for the commercial decisions taken by ALTUS AG.

Nikolaus Krane

Nikolaus Krane

Having worked in renewable energy since the late 1990s, Nikolaus, who has a degree in engineering, has been our company’s co-CEO since 2017. He has responsibility for ALTUS AG’s technological decisions.

Concentrated power in our network

ALTUS AG emerged in 2008 from wat ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, which was founded in 1989, and the two organisations still enjoy a close partnership in project implementation. Our company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kraftwerke Mainz-Wiesbaden AG (KMW), which in turn is a subsidiary of the Mainz-Wiesbaden municipal utilities association consisting of ESWE Versorgungs AG and Mainzer Stadtwerke AG. This particular constellation gives us an efficient network with a wealth of experience covering the entire spectrum of renewable energy supply – from individual wind turbines all the way to gas power stations with power-heat coupling.

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Compatible energy

As a renewable energy specialist, we offer energy solutions for today, tomorrow and beyond. We accept responsibility for making the energy sector more climate-friendly and have made this our goal, without losing sight of financial viability. We therefore support our customers on the way to a sustainable future. When selecting sites for our projects, we pay close attention to every single detail and take local circumstances into account. To do this, in addition to our head office in the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion, we also have regional offices in several federal states. Our dedicated and experienced employees have the competence and skill to deal with your requirements – all over Germany.